Akhalgori Pupils and School Personnel are forbidden to Speak in Georgian

As DRI is informed, Georgian citizens living in the occupied Akhalgori territory are denied from the right to education in their native language.

Interim monitoring results of protests and trials of January 2020

The Democracy Research Institute has been observing the protests of political content, organized by political parties and civil movements, and the trials of the detainees since December 30.

The needs of people living along the occupation line (Kaspi municipality villages: Vake, Zadiantkari, Saribari)

On January 27, researchers of the Democracy Research Institute got information about the needs of the residents of Vake, Saribari and Zadiantkari villages of the Kvemo Chala and Kodistskaro communities. The villages, located near the occupation line, are populated by ethnically Ossetian citizens.

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