Russian soft power in Gali?
Civil servants of Abkhazia received salaries in late March that had been delayed for three months. 
Attempt to evade quarantine claims lives of 3 people

According to media reports, three people drowned in the Enguri River while trying to reach the Georgian-controlled territory from the occupied region of Abkhazia though a bypass road.


DRI Report being mentioned in the report of the U.S. Department of State
The U.S. Department of State has released its 2020 Human Rights report on Georgia. 
Statement of non-governmental organizations on the EU mediation process
Civil society representatives welcome the involvement of the European Union and the United States in the de-escalation of the political crisis in the country.
Ucha Nanuashvili became a member of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) Advisory Network to the United Nations

Director of the Democracy Research Institute Ucha Nanuashvili has been elected to the Security Sector Reform (SSR) Advisory Network to the United Nations. 

DRI - The use of surveillance as a tool for political retaliation is alarming and goes beyond the practice of ruling a legal state

DRI is responding to the TV story aired by Mtavari Channel, according to which, on the instruction of high-ranking officials, a former employee of the State Security Service  of Georgia illegally recorded private life of political figures unacceptable to the ruling party. 

Open letter to the Government of Georgia on the necessity of developing a new state strategy relating to conflicts
Georgia's state strategy relating to the occupied territories - "Engagement through Cooperation" - was developed back in 2010 during the rule of the United National Movement. 
DRI: It is inadmissible to conduct an investigative activity at TV Pirveli
The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the ruling issued by the Tbilisi City Court on conducting an investigative activity (seizure) at TV Pirveli. 
Inal Jabiev Case
The quality of political freedom and human rights in the Tskhinvali region/South Ossetia has been strictly criticized by international organizations for years.