Bershueti – The needs of people living along the occupation line
On March 21, team members of the Democracy Research Institute visited the village of Bershueti, which is located near the occupation line in the Gori municipality. People can freely enter and move in the village. 
DRI: More Effective Work is Needed to deal with the Pandemic in the Occupied Territories
According to the Democracy Research Institute, due to the pandemic, the situation in the occupied regions is critical.
Human Rights and other public organizations collectively address to the International organizations concerning the alarming processes in the Adjara
We, the human rights organizations and groups defending the freedom of the media, express our extreme concern about the alarming processes taking place within the Adjara Public Broadcaster (APB).
The needs of people living along the occupation line (Kirbali, Tsitsagiantkari and Dirbi)
On 10 March, DRI visited the villages of Kirbali, Tsitsagiantkari and Dirbi which are located along the occupation line, to study the needs of the local population on the ground.

DRI: Restricting the media to access the villages near the occupied territories is unjustified

The Democracy Research Institute responds to the recent cases of restriction of media by the Central Government of Georgia to access the Kaspi, Gori, Kareli and Khashuri municipalities’ villages near the dividing occupation line.

Democracy Research Institute (DRI) publishes its second monitoring report on rallies
Monitors of the Democracy Research Institute observed 8 rallies of political content, which were organized by political parties and civil movements in Tbilisi from February 1 to February 29.
Visit of the Norwegian Ambassador to the “Democracy Research Institute”

On 27 February, 2020, the Norwegian Ambassador Helene Sand Andresen paid a visit to the “Democracy Research Institute.”

DRI: Critical Thinkers are Oppressed in Tskhinvali
According to the information Democracy Research Institute was provided with, de facto authorities continue to oppress local journalists and civil activists.
DRI: The action of officers of the Special State Protection Service have no legitimate grounds

On February 26, monitors of the Democracy Research Institute observed the rally organized by the Change civil movement at the back entrance of the administrative building of the Parliament of Georgia.

DRI: The Only Checkpoint Near Perevi Village May be Closed in the Coming Days

 According to the information the Democracy Research Institute was provided with, the occupation forces might close the checkpoint near Perevi village (at Sinaguri) in the coming days.