Ketevan Murghulia
Media Researcher
Ketevan Murghulia is a graduate student of Ilia State University and Silesia State University (Poland) with a major in Social Sciences. Currently, she is doing a master’s degree in political sciences at Ilia State University. She has a diverse experience in working in the NGO sector. She has participated in more than 30 international programs implemented in 12 different countries. Ketevan was a mentor at Youth Parliament of Georgia. Since 2018 she is a Georgian Young Ambassador in the European Union.
Giorgi Tsikarishvili
Legal Counsel
Giorgi Tsikarishvili has a master's degree in Criminal law from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In 2015-2017 he has done internships at Legal Aid Service and Tinatin Tsereteli State and Law Institute. In 2018-2019 he was an intern at Prosecutor's Office of Georgia. During his studies he has participated in several scientific conferences, moot courts and other projects. At different times he has studied at the University of Tartu (Estonia) and Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany.
Elene Kopadze
Financial Manager
Elene Kopadze is the financial manager of DRI. In 2002 she graduated from the Tbilisi Business Academy and in the following years worked in private companies such as Goodwill and Abitare. At different times she has attended qualification development trainings and courses.
Tatia Koniashvili

Tatia Koniashvili is a Lawyer at DRI. She has a Bachelor’s degree in law from Tbilisi State University. Currently, she is studying for a master’s degree at the same university. In 2017 - 2018 she was an intern at Non-commercial Legal Entity - ,,My Lawer” and at Notary Office. At different times she has participated in trainings, moot courts and conferences. In 2017-2019 she was a Lawyer at ,,Green Caucasus”. Since 2016 she is a long-term observer at ISFED.

Mariam Chitishvili
Public Relation Manager
Mariam Chitishvili has a bachelor's degree in international journalism and a master's degree in international relations. She made a public relation course in Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. Mariam has academic and journalistic experience. In 2013-2014 she was working as a public relation manager in national centre of manuscript and then in 2014-2019 years she was working in non government organization Article 42 of the constitution as a PR manager.
Giorgi Gamkhitashvili
Giorgi Gamkhitashvili has graduated from Tbilisi State University with the specialization of law. He has a degree of master in criminal law. He has been studying faculty for doctoral degree in direction of criminal law at Tbilisi State University. He is a member of Georgian Bar Association - lawyer with the general specialization, he also has an additional specialization in juvenile justice.
As for his working experience, he had been working as a lawyer  in direction of civil and administrative law at firm of attorneys for two years. After that, he continued working at prosecutors office of Georgia as a intern prosecutor for one year.  He had been working as a lawyer at Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia for six months. As for other activities, in the period of studying at university, he has participated in scientific conferences and other kind of projects. 
Maia Nasrashvili
Project Manager
Maia Nasrashvili is a Juvenile Justice program manager at DRI. She has Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University’s bachelor degree in law and Ilia State University’s master degree in Public Policy.
2013-2017 she was working as the head of division of Ministry of Justice of Georgia at LEPL Center for Crime Prevention. She was invited lecturer at Media Law at Ilia State University also.
Maia Nasrashvili has different experience of working on Juvenile Justice reform in Georgia and child protection programs as well.
Gvantsa Shishinashvili
Project Assistant 

Gvantsa Shishinashvili is a Project Assistant at the Democracy Research Institute.

Graduated from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Bachelor's program in International Relations. Has a Master’s degree from Ilia State University in the same field. For years now, she has actively participated in local or international projects and trainings.

Gvantsa Shishinashvili has several years of experience in teaching, coaching and project management in the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

Since 2020, she has been the regional representative of ISFED in Kvemo Kartli. From the same year, she also works in the academic direction: she teaches civic education in public school and vocational college. Gvantsa is actively involved in advocacy and empowerment campaigns for vulnerable groups in the Kvemo Kartli region.

Ana Gakhokidze

Ana Gakhokidze is licensed lawyer in criminal, civil, administrative law and she also has an additional specialization in children's justice and children's rights.

Ana holds a bachelor's degree of Ilia State University, Faculty of Law and a Master's degree in Public Law of University of Georgia. She has experience of many years working in the field of human rights. 2012-2016 was employed in the non-governmental sector. 2016-2018 worked in the Regional Department of the Public Defender's Office of Georgia. Ana is practicing lawyer since 2019 and cooperates with several law firms.

Nino Kukhianidze

Nino Kukhianidze has over 10 years of professional experience working with the Government, Parliament, and the Public Defender of Georgia, as well as with USAID supported projects on the issues of conflict transformation, tolerance, minority rights and countering violent extremism.

Since 2015 Nino has been serving as USAID and UNAG’s “Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness” Program Coordinator for the Tolerance Center under the Public Defender of Georgia.

Nino’s academic experience includes teaching courses in Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science and Civics Education; amongst the universities she has been working with are the University of Georgia, the European University, the International Black Sea University, and San Diego State University.

Nino holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and is working on her PhD in Political Science at UMCS.

Rusudan Zazadze

Rusudan Zazadze is a graduate student of Ilia State University, she has a bachelor's and master's degree in sociology. Rusudani is a co-founder and researcher of women's rights organization "Union' Freya".

She was actively involved in academic research projects. Also, in 2016-2021 she was a volunteer "tutor" at Ilia State University to support students of the 4 + 1 program and in 2019-2020 she was an accredited expert student at the National Center for Quality Development in Education. She has participated in local and international exchange programs, scientific conferences, and civic activities.