Conservative Movement/Alt-Info continues preparations for the 2024 parliamentary elections
The Conservative Movement/Alt-Info was one of the first to start preparing for the 2024 parliamentary elections, a year earlier, in October 2023, with visits to the regions. 
DRI: The source of funding of Alt-Info, which has the aim of cooperating with a hostile state, should be a matter of interest to the authorities

In 2023, like the amount donated, the number of donors also drastically reduced. From January 2023 to November 2023, the Conservative Movement received 43 donations, while in 2022 this figure was 558.

DRI: Vazha Pshavela Telavi State Theater allows openly pro-Russian, violent Alt-Info to use theater building for meeting

The openly pro-Russian violent group is preparing to participate in the parliamentary elections in 2024. The group is provided space for their meetings, inter alia, by the state-funded legal entities of public law.

Israeli-Hamas military conflict intensifies the anti-Western rhetoric of far-right groups
The renewed military conflict following the Hamas attack on Israel has given new impetus to the anti-Western rhetoric of the openly pro-Russian far-right groups. 
Calls for setting up the anti-Maidan movement contain elements of crime - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security Service are late in responding

The calls of the leaders of the openly pro-Russian Conservative Movement/Alt-Info to set up a violent organizational union - Anti-Maidan - contain elements of crime, and urges the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service to respond to the case immediately.

Sanctioned Partskhaladze - Traces of Russia’s spy agencies in Georgian politics
The imposition of sanctions on Otar Partskhaladze by the US Department of State on September 14, was followed by sharply negative remarks made by the representatives of the authorities, People's Power - Georgian Dream’s satellite political union, and far-right groups. 
DRI – The violence by hate groups is incited by the authorities
The Pride Festival on July 8, 2023 make it clear that it was not the goal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to protect the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of assembly or expression of the LGBT+ community. 
DRI urges authorities to ensure security during Tbilisi Pride Week

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to immediately take preventive measures to ensure the safety of the participants in the Tbilisi Pride festival.

The authorities encourage violent groups
DRI believes that Georgian Dream's emphatically loyal attitude towards hate groups, which was manifested in leaving many incidents of violence without responding, was once again made evident on July 17-18. 
Direct air traffic with Russia - financial benefits of pro-Kremlin groups
The first flight from Moscow to Tbilisi was performed by the Russian airline Azimuth, the director general of which is Pavel Ekzhanov. Ekzhanov and Azimuth are sanctioned by Ukraine.