DRI: Investigation into Lekso Lashkarava's death is unreasonably delayed
The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) is responding to the ineffectiveness and non-transparency of the unreasonably protracted investigation into the death of Alexandre (Lekso) Lashkarava.
The Coalition calls on the Parliament to properly and timely implement the decision of the Constitutional Court
Access to judicial acts is critical for ensuring judicial accountability. 
DRI: The decision of the Ministry of Justice to restrict Mikheil Saakashvili from participating in his trial is illegal

DRI is responding to the restriction of Mikheil Saakashvili's right to participate in court hearings in person and considers that the decision of the Special Penitentiary Service subordinated to the Ministry of Justice is illegal.

DRI: The charges filed against persons arrested in connection with Saakashvili case are of a political nature
DRI is responding to the legitimacy of charges filed by the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia against three people as part of an investigation ongoing into the case against former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.
Georgian Dream violates the Charles Michel agreement and takes full control of the judiciary

The Democracy Research Institute notes that by appointing Supreme Court judges, the Georgian Dream will violate the spirit of the Charles Michel agreement and will contradict its literal meaning.

DRI: Amendments to the Administrative Offences Code are repressive and reduce space for peaceful protests

The Democracy Research Institute believes that the changes to the Administrative Offences Code of Georgia are repressive and serve the sole purpose of restricting freedom of assembly and expression.

DRI: It is inadmissible to conduct an investigative activity at TV Pirveli
The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the ruling issued by the Tbilisi City Court on conducting an investigative activity (seizure) at TV Pirveli. 
DRI - Trial of persons detained on November 28 in fact took place at a closed court session
An observer from the Democracy Research Institute, along with other persons wishing to attend the trial of protesters detained during a rally near Parliament’s back entrance on November 28, was prevented by Tbilisi City Court Judge Natia Merabishvili from attending the trial. 
DRI: The Tbilisi City Court ruling against persons detained at November 9 rally is unjustified

Observers of the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) monitored the trials of civil activists detained near the Parliament of Georgia on November 9, 2020 - Alexi Machavariani, Nodar Rukhadze and Giorgi Mzhavanadze.