DRI: Conservative Movement/Alt-Info income may be much higher than officially reported

The Democracy Research Institute continues to monitor the finances and donors of the far-right violent group Conservative Movement/Alt-Info. In August 2023, the radical movement received only one donation.

Tskhinvali's selective mobility policy represents a source of corruption and discrimination against Akhalgori population

Artificial barriers to getting a pass push people to pay bribes. This corrupt mechanism is a joint economic activity of the local municipal and security services and is a heavy burden on the economically poor Georgian population.

Sanctioned Partskhaladze - Traces of Russia’s spy agencies in Georgian politics
The imposition of sanctions on Otar Partskhaladze by the US Department of State on September 14, was followed by sharply negative remarks made by the representatives of the authorities, People's Power - Georgian Dream’s satellite political union, and far-right groups. 
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