DRI: Responsibility for the criminal actions committed by the violent groups rests with the authorities

About an hour after the statement made by Parliament Speaker Shalva Papuashvili, civil activist Zuka Berdzenishvili was assaulted. 

Democracy Research Institute assesses situation of those arrested during the protests against the Russian law

The Democracy Research Institute defends the interests of Omar Okribelashvili and Saba Meparishvili, who were detained during the protests against the Russian law.

DRI: Physical retaliation against protestors cannot be considered a legitimate police measure

The Democracy Research Institute echoes the cases of physical retaliation against participants in the rally by the employees of the riot police on the territory adjacent to the Parliament on May 13, which cannot be considered legal police measures.

DRI: Violence against civilians and civil activists is normalized by the authorities
On May 10, 2024, at about 11:00 pm, dozens of representatives of special forces brutally assaulted a citizen, who was driving his car on Leonidze Street, in the presence of his family members.
ქართული არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციები ვაგრძელებთ მშვიდობიან აქციებზე დაკავებულების უფლებების დაცვას
8 ქართული არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაცია ვაგრძელებთ აპრილი-მაისის პერიოდში ,,რუსული კანონის“ წინააღმდეგ მიმდინარე საპროტესტო აქციების დროს დაკავებული პირების უფლებების დაცვას.
DRI: Police inaction towards violence against protestors indicates instrumentalization of violent groups

DRI echoes the attack of organized groups on the participants in the rally held on May 2 and notes that the inaction of the law enforcement officers in relation to the violence was striking and calls on the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure the safety of the protestors.

DRI: The Ministry of Internal Affairs violates guidelines for acting during assemblies and demonstrations

On May 1, 2024, the Ministry of Internal Affairs used active special equipment, including pepper spray, tear gas, pepper gas shells, rubber bullets and water cannon, against protesters  in the vicinity of the Parliament.

DRI: The authorities illegally dispersed an assembly against the Russian law
The use of disproportionate physical force and special equipment to disperse the rally, as well as the illegal practice of arresting participants in the rally, prove that the Ministry of Internal Affairs went beyond the scope of legality.
DRI: Physical violence was used against all the persons detained at the rally against the "Russian law"
The Democracy Research Institute monitors the protests against the "Russian law" and provides legal aid to those detained illegally. 
DRI: The constitutional right to assembly and expression has been disregarded by the authorities
On April 16, thousands of people gathered in the vicinity of the Parliament of Georgia to protest against the "Russian law".