Civil society organizations address to EU Commissioner Varhey
Civil society is involved in the process of monitoring the implementation of the recommendations, we ask for the interim evaluation to be public and accessible to the stakeholders, including the civil society of the country.
Anti-Western statements made by Georgian Dream leaders are an attempt to avoid political responsibility
As the deadline for the implementation of 12 recommendations of the European Commission is approaching, the statements by the Georgian Dream leaders have become more Eurosceptic and negative towards various institutions of the European Union. 
DRI proposals for the implementation of EU recommendations relating to judicial reform

The Democracy Research Institute addressed the parliamentary factions and representatives of political groups with recommendations relating to the judicial reform.

Democracy Research Institute submits opinions to Parliament relating to strengthening of parliamentary control
On August 9, the Democracy Research Institute submitted written opinions relating to the strengthening of parliamentary control to the Committee. 
DRI: The Government should stop deliberately deepening polarization

Along with formal declaration of the need to reduce political polarization by the ruling party, the persecution of civil activists, media owners, members of student movements and opposition politicians continues in the capital and regions of Georgia.