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What can we expect after the resignation of Inal Ardzinba?

The resignation or dismissal of Inal Ardzinba, the de-facto minister of foreign affairs of occupied Abkhazia, caused mixed reactions in the Abkhazian society and political circles.

Why does the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation punish the de facto deputies of the South Ossetian parliament?
Three deputies of the de facto parliament of South Ossetia, Davit Sanakoev, Dzambolat Medoev and Gari Muldarov, were deprived of the citizenship of the Russian Federation at the request of the Federal Security Service of Russia (ФСБ) and were banned from entering Russia until 2049.
Does the Abkhaz transport corridor bring the Russian and Georgian authorities closer to cooperating to circumvent the sanctions imposed on Russia?
From the very first days of the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Georgian Dream has cited Georgia's non-involvement in this war as its main merit. 
DRI's point of view: In what forms the Russian pressure is expected to strengthen in Abkhazia and what effect can this have on the stability
The opposition to the transfer of Bichvinta cottages to Russia has turned into a front against de facto president Aslan Bzhania’s regime.
DRI's point of view: How can we assess the restriction of activities of civil society and international organizations in Abkhazia?
The adoption of Russian legislation on agents of foreign influence aimed at controlling civil society organizations has been on the agenda of the de facto authorities of Abkhazia from 2020, which is a subject of opposition and sharp criticism of local civil society. 
How aware is the central government of the problems of occupied Gali?

The de facto authorities of Abkhazia started preparations for the winter and, in order to mitigate the energy crisis, they received guarantees from Russia on the supply of increased amount of electricity.

Understanding 'unknown' tragedies
Many agree today that it is futile to talk about conflict transformation or reconciliation without a critical review of the past.
DRI's view: Russian "soft power" and manipulation of memory in the Gali district
De facto ministry of foreign affairs of Abkhazia is threatening to suspend international activities carried out in Abkhazia without its consent
DRI: What does the regulation of NGOs’ activities by Russian legislation in Abkhazia mean?
The first sign of changes in Abkhazian politics was the appointment of Inal Ardzinba as a de facto foreign minister, a person with experience of working for Putin’s authorities in Moscow. 
Will the de facto authorities of Abkhazia defeat ethnocracy?
The issuance of de facto Abkhaz passports to Georgians living in Abkhazia is still on the agenda. Georgians constitute a large part of the population of the republic and their exclusion is only detrimental to the development of Abkhazia.