According to the de facto public defender of occupied Abkhazia, there is an alarming situation in prisons of Abkhazia
According to the report of Anas Kishmaria, commissioner for human rights of occupied Abkhazia, which she presented to the de facto parliament of Abkhazia on March 14, the rights situation of prisoners in Abkhazia is alarming. 
Russia plans to completely isolate Abkhazia for its annexation

Russia is methodically approaching the annexation of Abkhazia. Each step of the Russian policy serves the above-mentioned strategic goal - establishment of complete Russian control in Abkhazia.

DRI: The fuel crisis in occupied Abkhazia continues: What versions does the society have?
The crisis related to oil products in occupied Abkhazia and the Russian monopoly on the fuel market are still relevant. 
Systemic management problems in the health care sector of the occupied Akhalgori district
The de facto authorities of South Ossetia are unable to effectively manage the public sector. The health care sector is particularly problematic.
DRI: The Georgian language is being deliberately persecuted in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali
The Georgian language is being purposefully and consistently persecuted from the daily life of ethnic Georgians living in the occupied territories. 
DRI: Russia is exacerbating the economic crisis in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali by legalizing monopoly on oil products

According to the observations of the Democracy Research Institute, Russia uses the export of petroleum products to strengthen its influence in occupied Abkhazia and Tskhinvali.

DRI: Russia conducts exercises at the naval base in Abkhazia - simulation of repelling an attack with missile/strike drones
The Democracy Research Institute periodically provides the public with information regarding the deployment of the military navy in Abkhazia.
DRI addresses the authorities relating to problems of the villages located along the occupation line

The Democracy Research Institute applied to the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Parliament with an initiative to alleviate the acute socio-economic problems in the villages located along the occupation line.

DRI: The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia should launch an investigation into the killing of Vitali Karbaia

43-year-old Vitali Karbaia, a resident of the village of Tsarche, Gali district, died of injuries sustained as a result of a severe beating by the Gali de facto militia.

DRI: Russia is de facto using Abkhazia's energy crisis to annex strategic facilities
An energy crisis has started in Abkhazia. As winter is approaching, the Russian Federation has demanded payment for the electricity supplied to the de facto authorities of Abkhazia.