Information Integrity Coalition Launches August War Remembrance Campaign
A conspiracy theory alleging the West tries to drag Georgia into war has been actively spread lately. Kremlin-supporting groups use this period every year to spread disinformation on 2008 war, however, they became especially active this year, amid the unjustified Russian invasion in Ukraine and the start of a full-scale war.
The 14th anniversary of Russian military aggression against Georgia should once again remind us of the importance of bringing forward the truth in the struggle against lies, falsehood and conspiracy theories. Russian disinformation messages aim to blame the victim – Ukraine, just like they blamed another victim - Georgia for Russian invasion in 2008. Such disinformation insults the memory of the heroes who sacrificed themselves to protect homeland’s independence, with their legitimate resistance being portrayed as useless sacrifice.
Apart from that, such conspiracy theories substantially damage Georgia’s relations with the western partners, whose activities are aimed to protect Georgia from Russian aggression and towards well-being and security of our citizens.
Because of this recent increase in the spread of such conspiracy theories, the Information Integrity Coalition decided launch a campaign to confront these lies and falsehoods with truth.
We talked to the people who, willingly or unwillingly believe in those lies and conspiracy theories claiming the West tries to drag us into the war. Our goal is to, once again, show the unity of Georgian society and remind that:
  • Russia continues the illegal occupation of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region. Russia and the armed groups under its control took part in ethnic cleansing of Georgian population of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region, which resulted in large part of pre-war population of both regions being driven out from their homes;
  • The responsibility of Russian Federation for ethnic cleansing and occupation has been confirmed by many international legal documents;
  • Russia started the military aggression against Georgia in 2008 – its military units, which were not part of so-called peacekeeping troops, invaded Georgian territory on August 7 and conducted military aggression;
  • Russia used the same scenario to start a full-scale war in Ukraine in 2022.
  • The West doesn’t want to drag Georgia into the war and has spent years working on making Georgia a safe and protected country.
We ask everyone – don’t spread lies. Remember what our fallen heroes were fighting for and respect their memory.
We would like to, once again, express our utmost respect to all the heroes who fought for Georgia’s integrity and their families.
Glory to the heroes!
About the campaign:
The campaign was launched with the placement of posters in metro stations. The coalition prepared the video, featuring family members of the fallen heroes of the August War, who, once again, appeal to everyone to not spread the disinformation and not to insult the heroes’ memory.
The campaign is going to be continued with an event in Gori on August 7, where we, together with the invited guests, are going to discuss Russian wars in the region and related disinformation. The event is going to be concluded with the reveal of graffiti art created to commemorate the August War.