Assemblies-demonstrations of far-right groups

From September 2021 to August 2022, the Democracy Research Institute observed 18 rallies of far-right groups.

In the monitoring report, which reflects the results of the observation of rallies, the protests organized by far-right groups are thematically grouped: rallies against vaccination and digital Covid-passports (hereinafter Covid passports); the process of transformation into far-right political entities; supporting the defendants involved in the organized violence of July 5-6 and the rallies held in connection with May 17 and Tbilisi Pride Week.

Coordinated action, familiar communication and positive interaction between law enforcement officers and organizers were noticeable at the protests organized by far-right groups. The long-term experience of the Democracy Research Institute in observing protests made it easy to notice that the attitudes of law enforcement officers towards demonstrators were inconsistent and non-uniform. In contrast to the sharply repressive policy towards civil activists critical of the Government, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were distinguished by their loyal attitude towards the participants of far-right rallies, and in some cases, even violent rallies.

The observation of the rallies of far-right groups revealed that if there is a political will, the Government is able to effectively prevent the criminal actions of the violent groups. Unlike July 5, 2021, when the Government's criminal inaction allowed violent groups to attack journalists and civilians, the law enforcement officials provided physical safety of representatives of the queer community and media organizations during Tbilisi Pride Week in 2022.

Assemblies-demonstrations of far-right groups