DRI: The Only Checkpoint Near Perevi Village May be Closed in the Coming Days

According to the information the Democracy Research Institute was provided with, the occupation forces might close the checkpoint near Perevi village (at Sinaguri) in the coming days. The Russian militaries have warned several locals about the possible closure of the Perevi road.

Nowadays, Perevi checkpoint is the only hope for the local population that, in case of necessity, they will be able to move from Akhalgori to the Georgian-controlled territory. The reason for this news is unknown but according to our source, a lot of people refrained from temporarily leaving Akhalgori as they are afraid that they might not be able to return home if the only road closes.

On September 4, 2019, the occupation forces closed the Mosabruni (Razdakhani) checkpoint near the Akhalgori district. For months, the local population was left without the timely delivery of medical care and medicines. Several people have passed away due to the closure of Razdakhani checkpoint[1]. The population was forced to temporarily cut ties with family members remaining in the Georgian-controlled territory.

The Akhalgori isolation issue still remains unresolved. On January 24, 2020, the occupation forces only allowed those pensioners to cross the so-called border who were not the citizens of “South Ossetia” or Russia and who were receiving the pension for the citizens of Georgia. Citizens with serious health conditions were also allowed to cross the so-called border. [2] The de facto government has issued a statement that the Mosabruni checkpoint will be opened once every two months in the future, and only for pensioners who have Georgian citizens’ pension.

Since the beginning of the Akhalgori isolation, the checkpoint near Perevi (at Sinaguri) has been the only relief for people living in a humanitarian crisis.[3] After the closure of the road, students were able to cross the Perevi (Sinaguri) checkpoint to continue their studies. Patients also crossed the so-called border. People who have relatives in the Georgian government-controlled territory managed to use this opportunity. Despite the fact, that the road from Akhalgori to Sinaguri is not very safe and financially accessible to everyone, the chance of crossing this checkpoint is vital for the population. Therefore, the Democracy Research Institute is concerned about the information received regarding the abovementioned checkpoint.

The Democracy Research Institute believes that the closure of the Perevi (Sinaguri) checkpoint will dramatically exacerbate the already difficult situation of the population living in the occupied territories. The organization calls on the authorities to use all the available mechanisms, including the formats of international peacekeeping, and to ensure the protection of the rights of their citizens.



[1] Restrictions on movement might have another casualty, The Democracy Research Institute, November 7, 2019

[2] After several attempts, Tamar Gigauri managed to move from occupied Akhalgori, Radio Tavisupleba, February 5, 2020

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[3] Note: De facto government has closed the Sinaguri checkpoint for 4 days on December 30 last year., December 30, 2019