Ucha Nanuashvili became a member of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) Advisory Network to the United Nations

Director of the Democracy Research Institute Ucha Nanuashvili has been elected to the Security Sector Reform (SSR) Advisory Network to the United Nations. 

The network is new established and the members are selected with competition.

The Network is formed by experts and practitioners from academic, research and security sector institutions, international and regional organizations, civil society, independent researchers, and United Nations personnel, whose work focus on and contribute to researching and generating data, knowledge and experiences on SSR.

Members of the Network will be able to contribute to the development of United Nations policy and guidance on SSR, including by:

  • Advising;
  • Sharing and exchange evidence-based knowledge, research results, good practices;
  • Connecting with leading SSR practitioners, experts, researchers and policy-makers from around the world in policy-relevant conversations on SSR.