Monitoring Results - May
“Democracy Research Institute” (DRI) carries out monitoring of Facebook pages of ultra-nationalist and far-right groups and their leaders and observes patter of their activities in the social media. Six online media outlets, 12 far-right groups, and Facebook profiles of 12 leaders are under DRI’s focus of attention.

Monitoring carried out in May shows that ultra-nationalist discourse in Georgia is rotated in time. Different periods of time are dedicated to highlight differing topics and to spreading information about target groups. In May, three main issues have been identified:

1. Discussions of 9 May were dominated by pro-Russian narratives. Consequently, the main emphasis was made on the post-Soviet myths and anti-western issues;
2. In the context of 17 May - the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the homophobic discourse was moved to the foreground. Thus, the main target of ultra-nationalist groups became representatives of sexual minorities;
3. Davit Gareji issue - in this period the main focus was the alleged seizure of the Georgian territory by Azerbaijan. Sharply xenophobic and radical calls against Azerbaijani people were emphasised.

In addition, general observation has shown that the most common targets of attack from the ultra-nationalist and radical formations are: sexual minorities, migrants, liberals, Muslims, feminists and ethnic minorities.

In Georgian far-right and radical groups, anti-western and anti-liberal discourse is widespread, where the West and the European Union are presented as promoters of depravity, fighting against Orthodoxy, national identity and values. Furthermore, the ongoing ultra-nationalist discourse in social media is characterised, on the one hand, by ethnonational features and, on the other, with sharply pro-Russian characteristics.

In social media, far-right discourse is mainly based on unverified research results and propagandistic misinformation. The demonisation of local NGOs and international organisations is noticeable. The Open Society Foundation and its founder George Soros are presented as the main promoters of the depravity.

The Project "Understanding and Combating Far-Right Extremism and Ultra-Nationalism in Georgia” is being implemented with the financial support of the Embassy of the Netherlands and aims to prevent far-right radicalism and extremism in Georgia.