Political opponent assaulted in Tskhinvali
Alan Bekoev, who is actively involved in the so-called South Ossetian political life was assaulted and abused by a group of individuals in Tskhinvali in August 2021. During the last de facto parliamentary elections, the de facto central election commission did not register Bekoev as an election subject. Years ago he was a supporter of de facto presidential candidate Alla Jioeva and head of her headquarters. In addition, Bekoev is considered to be a person trusted by Jambulat Tedeev in Tskhinvali.

The group attack on Alan Bekoev may be related to his political activity on social networks; After he wrote an insulting comment about the de facto parliamentary speaker, he was contacted by some of his acquaintances from the government structures and was advised to leave Tskhinvali temporarily for security reasons. Bekoev was in Vladikavkaz for a month, but was assaulted after arriving in Tskhinvali for two days to visit his friend's grave. His car, in which he was together with his companions, was blocked by several cars, from which about 15 armed people got out, including two members of the state security service (surnames I. and K.). After getting out of the car, Bekoev was told to kneel and apologize, which they were going to videotape with a mobile phone camera. After Bekoev refused to apologize, he was severely beaten. One of the members of the state protection service shot near Bekoev’s legs several times.

Bekoev's beating had many eyewitnesses, but no one dared to help him. Bekoev was forcibly put in a car and taken to the state protection service building, where he was severely beaten again. He was later taken home. As far as the Democracy Research Institute is aware, Alan Bekoev is currently receiving medical treatment in Vladikavkaz.

The Democracy Research Institute condemns violence against Alan Bekoev and calls on the Georgian authorities and international organizations to closely monitor the deteriorating human rights situation in the occupied region. At the same time, we call on the parties and co-chairs of the Geneva International Talks to discuss this issue at the next meeting in order to enable Alan Bekoev to carry out his activities without hindrance.