Restrictions on the Movement Might Have Another Casualty
One more person has died due to the closure of Akhalgori district checkpoint.

On November 6, a local, 49-year-old Georgian citizen B.K. passed away in Akhalgori hospital. As we know, this person went to the Akhalgori hospital by herself/himself with unbearable pain in the heart but died despite this.

The body was taken to Tskhinvali for examination to determine the cause of death.

The Democracy Research Institute states that the restriction by the de facto authorities leaves locals without access to vital services.The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the quality of medical services in areas beyond Georgia's control is low. In some cases, comprehensive medical examinations are not carried out, providing patients with adequate medical care is delayed which in some cases results in death.

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to take effective steps to solve the current situation, including through the creation of additional mechanisms which will minimize the damage to the population during the closure of the so-called administrative boundary line.