DRI: 2021 Activity Report of the State Security Service fails to inform Parliament of the actual activities of the Service
The extremely general report fails to inform Members of Parliament of ​​the actual activities of the State Security Service and does not provide enough information for the implementation of democratic parliamentary control over the Service. 
Abkhazia in anticipation of a stable and long-lasting Russian authoritarianism?
Last week was tense in Abkhazia. The opposition of the de facto authorities tried to seize power in a revolutionary way, but failed.
Corrupt and occupation aspects of energy crisis in Abkhazia
As early as January 2020, the shutdown of the Enguri HPP due to rehabilitation works plunged Abkhazia into a deep energy crisis. 
Freedom of Religion in Abkhazia and South Ossetia/Tskhinvali Region

In the occupied territories, Georgian believers do not have the opportunity to exercise their faith and cultural rights in the language of their choice, from their church clergymen, in traditional cult buildings.

State resources wasted in the State Security Service
An analysis of the court judgments in the cases investigated by the Security Service reveals that the Service performs police functions as well. 
Why should not the Anti-Corruption Agency be part of the State Security Service?
The existing anti-corruption system fails to eliminate complex forms of corruption in the country. The areas with significant risks of corruption today include public procurement, privatization, political party funding and officials' ties with private business.
DRI responds to draft law on independent Anti-Corruption Agency

The Democracy Research Institute shares a view that giving an anti-corruption mandate to a closed agency such as the State Security Service of Georgia is unjustified.