People’s Power - a formal political movement in a managed democracy
In a managed democracy, formal political forces actually serve to strengthen the ruling force and its agenda. The foundation of People’s Power is the real manifestation of managed democracy.

On June 29, 2022, Georgian Dream members - Sozar Subari, Dimitri Khundadze and Mikheil Kavelashvili - left the Georgian Dream party and their parliamentary positions and founded People’s Power. However, the distanced MPs remained supporters of Georgian Dream and shared their positions. The need to provide the public with much more information about the events taking place behind the scenes of Georgian politics was named as the only reason for leaving the majority; And since, according to the MPs, talking publicly about topics such as the EU candidate status, in which the government was “tricked into", would create inconvenience for the ruling team, it became necessary to leave the party. In addition, their statement referred to the formality of the candidate status, the inadmissibility of imposing sanctions on Russia, the conspiracy theory about Georgia's involvement in the war, the so-called Bakuriani gathering, etc.

To date, People's Power has not been registered as a political party. Therefore, it does not receive donations. However, as the leaders state, People's Power may be transformed into a political party in the future. The leaders of People's Power announced on October 24, 2022 that their main goal was to bring the truth to the society in the regions, taking into account the national interests of the country. According to the observations of the Democracy Research Institute, the leaders of People's Power have not yet started visits or any activities in the regions.

The leaders of the People's Power political movement and Georgian Dream have made a number of statements regarding the fact that their positions and forms of expression were radically different from each other. Nevertheless, the members of People's Power remain in the parliamentary majority. It is not hidden that People's Power, unlike other parliamentary factions and political groups, receives benefits and support from the ruling team. This is also evidenced by the fact that the political group of People's Power, despite being newly created, is represented in all parliamentary delegations together with Georgian Dream. 

The ruling party registered the Russian draft law "On transparency of foreign influence" through the very People's Power MPs. Recently, the ruling team has been distinguished by homophobic statements. The observations of the Democracy Research Institute show that the statements and message boxes of the People's Power political group and Georgian Dream are identical.

POSTV channel is an active supporter of People's Power. On October 3, 2022, a change was made to the Public Registry documentation, and Viktor Japaridze, a member of People's Power, became the owner of 52% of the control package of the TV company.

It is obvious that People’s Power has lost its relevance after the leaders of the ruling party successfully made a niche, which became the pretext for formally creating the movement. Today, the Georgian Dream leaders are themselves voicing conspiracy theories about the issues that allegedly caused the leaders of People's Power to distance themselves from Georgian Dream.

People's Power is a formally created movement, the main goal of which is to strengthen the ruling team. Accordingly, its activation/deactivation depends on the needs of the ruling party in a specific period of time.

Managed democracy - the foundation of the People’s Power political movement