Detention conditions of untried and convicted prisoners in Abkhazia’s prisons

According to the 2023 annual report of the ombudsperson of Abkhazia, conditions in Abkhazia's prisons amount to torture, inhuman treatment and punishment. 

DRI: The number of questions sent by MPs to the security sector is still critically low in 2024
The Democracy Research Institute analyzed the content of the questions sent by Members of Parliament to the agencies of the security sector and the answers received from January 1 to March 15, 2024. 
Unlike the opposition, Georgian Dream rarely applies the parliamentary control mechanism of questions
The Democracy Research Institute analyzed the content of the questions sent by Members of Parliament to the the security sector agencies and the answers received in September-October 2023. 
Bzhania's de-facto government between fear of anger of Abkhazian society and Russian blackmail
Last week was quite tensed in Abkhazia. De-facto president Aslan Bzhania, who was visiting Moscow, had to ease a political tension in his absence. 
People’s Power - a formal political movement in a managed democracy

In a managed democracy, formal political forces actually serve to strengthen the ruling force and its agenda. The foundation of People’s Power is the real manifestation of managed democracy.

The 2022 activity report of the State Security Service does not deal with the country's security challenges
Today, the State Security Service is presenting its 2022 activity report to the Parliament of Georgia. The presentation of the report by the Deputy Head of the State Security Service is a violation of the Rules of Regulations of the Parliament of Georgia.
DRI: The implementation of the European Commission’s recommendation relating to judicial reform is formal and misses the content of the recommendation

One of the key issues in the recommendations issued by the European Commission for granting the status of a candidate country for EU membership to Georgia is related to judicial reform.

DRI: The fourth recommendation relating to the strengthening of the fight against corruption cannot be considered fully implemented at this stage
The Georgian Dream plan regarding the implementation of the fourth recommendation of the European Commission significantly missed the spirit and content of the recommendation of the European Commission. 
DRI: Georgian Dream has not implemented even its own plan regarding the 8th recommendation of the European Commission
The 8th recommendation of the European Commission relating to Georgia's application for the EU membership calls for the protection of the rights of vulnerable groups and an effective response to the incidents of violence. 
DRI: The European Commission’s first recommendation relating to political polarization is not being implemented
Today, 6 months after the European Commission published its opinion on Georgia on June 17, it can be said that Georgian Dream and part of the opposition political parties have not taken effective steps to overcome polarization.