DRI: The Government should stop deliberately deepening polarization
On July 1, the Georgian Dream Chairman presented a plan for the implementation of the EU-proposed 12 points. According to Irakli Kobakhidze, reduced political polarization would serve as "a kind of basis" for the effective implementation of the remaining 11 points. Along with formal declaration of the need to reduce political polarization by the ruling party, the persecution of civil activists, media owners, members of student movements and opposition politicians continues in the capital and regions of Georgia.
Members and supporters of the “Going Home to Europe" movement, during meetings with locals in Tbilisi and regions, have been openly prevented from communicating with population by employees of local self-governments and members of the Georgian Dream youth organization. Each such case of persecution allegedly directed and organized by the Government has been covered by the state media as a confrontation between civil activists and local population. In addition, the attempt of the chairman of the ruling party to justify the physical attack on TV Pirveli owner Vakhtang Tsereteli by MP Anri Okhanashvili can be considered as a confirmation that the Georgian Government is not interested in depolarizing political processes.
The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to stop deliberately deepening polarization and using the groups allegedly organized by the ruling party against its opponents, which does not help to reduce polarization and find an agreement.