Georgian Dream decision undermines the stability and future prospects for Georgia
This decision by the authorities constitutes a straightforward rejection of Georgia's Euro-Atlantic course and the peaceful development of the country through democratic reforms. 
DRI: Non-transparent and unsubstantiated consideration of complaints further reduces the critically low trust in the parliamentary election results
The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the tensions in Saburtalo, Vake, Didube-Chughureti, Isani, Samgori, Gldani, Samtredia, Telavi, Batumi and Tskaltubo constituencies on the night of November 4-5 and calls on the authorities to immediately refuse the vicious practice of violence against representatives of the opposition parties.
DRI: Participation of Religious Organizations and Specific Clergy in Pre-Election Campaign is Noticeable

The Democracy Research Institute has been monitoring the participation of religious organizations and clergy in the pre-election campaign since October 15, 2020.


Attacking the Public Defender has become a habit for government officials
The signatory organizations, wish express our extreme concern over the yet another attack on Nino Lomjaria, Public Defender of Georgia, by Irakli Kobakhidze, Executive Secretary of the ruling party, the Georgian Dream.
DRI: Parliament should not support amendments to the Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications
The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the draft amendments to the Georgian Law on Electronic Communications.
DRI: Amendments to the Law of Georgia on Public Health allow for disproportionate restriction of human rights
The Democracy Research Institute joins the concerns expressed by partner NGOs over the fact that the draft law contains unbalanced risks of human rights violations.
DRI: The restrictions extended within the framework of the state of emergency need to be justified
The country’s transition to the phase of full-scale spread of the virus has been named as the motive for the decision. No other argument has been provided by the government.
DRI: Appointment of Irakli Shotadze as Prosecutor General will be the Refusal of the Idea of Independent, Transparent and Depoliticized Prosecutor’s O

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the Prosecutorial Council to reject Irakli Shotadze’s candidacy for the Prosecutor General’s position.

DRI on unprecedented violations in Parliament
According to the Democracy Research Institute, forced expulsion of journalists from the hall of the Legal Affairs Committee, unjustified restrictions on the movement demonstrators and violation of legal procedures at the Legal Affairs Committee sitting on December 12 contradict the principles and values of a democratic and equality-based state.
Independent Lawyers Group publishes a draft parliament resolution on
Independent Lawyers Group publishes a draft parliament resolution on "Clan Governance" and addresses political parties, NGOs and international organizations to join the initiative by preparing remarks and their points of view.