DRI: Non-transparent and unsubstantiated consideration of complaints further reduces the critically low trust in the parliamentary election results

The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the tensions in Saburtalo, Vake, Didube-Chughureti, Isani, Samgori, Gldani, Samtredia, Telavi, Batumi and Tskaltubo constituencies on the night of November 4-5 and calls on the authorities to immediately refuse the vicious practice of violence against representatives of the opposition parties, civil activists and journalists and to inform the public about the legal measures taken against the persons involved in the incidents.

The DRI also strongly disapproves the fact that the election commissions left part of the election complaints without consideration on the basis of non-transparent and unsubstantiated procedures, which was followed by the protest of election candidates. The DRI notes that the responsibility to normalize the situation lies entirely with the Government.

It is necessary to recount the results of certain precincts of the 2020 parliamentary elections, which have already been assessed by the non-governmental sector as the least democratic and free among the elections held under the Georgian Dream Government, as well as to review the election complaints in a legal and impartial manner.

In contrast to the above, it is particularly worrying that it was decided not to consider some of the complaints at all, without the involvement of their authors. In addition, it is concerning that representatives of the opposition parties and authors of the complaints were prevented from attending the consideration of complaints by the law enforcement agencies and members of the commissions by creating artificial barriers. There were also cases of the use of physical force against the above-mentioned persons, while some of them were detained.

The Democracy Research Institute notes that violence against civil society activists and members of the opposition parties, inaction of the law enforcement agencies, and the use of non-transparent and unsubstantiated procedures by the election commissions undermine trust in the 2020 parliamentary elections, which is already critically low.

With this in mind, the Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities and the election administration to:

  • Investigate the violence against members of the opposition parties, civil activists and journalists that took place on November 4-5 in an independent and impartial manner in the shortest time possible.
  • Ensure that complaints are considered in the district election commissions in accordance with law, under transparent and fair procedures and with participation of the authors of the complaints.