Georgian Government has been working without human rights strategy for two years
For the second year in a row, the Government of Georgia has been working without a document of human rights strategy, which makes any human rights activity carried out by public institutions fragmented and uncoordinated.

The 2014-2020 National Human Rights Strategy approved by the Parliament of Georgia in 2014 expired at the end of 2020. Despite the expectations of stakeholders, the process of drawing up a new national strategy, in which public organizations would be involved along with state authorities, has not yet begun.

The Democracy Research Institute echoes the deteriorating human rights situation, in particular, the recent abolition of an independent investigation mechanism, complete politicization of state institutions, extreme weakening of the guarantees for the independence of individual judges, incitement to violence, gross violation of freedom of assembly and neglect of the problems of IDPs and persons at risk of homelessness. The human rights situation has deteriorated due to inadequate understanding and performance of duties by state institutions.

The goal of developing the 2014-2020 National Human Rights Strategy was to remedy the human rights shortcomings identified in the reports of the Public Defender of Georgia, international and non-governmental organizations. Despite a number of gaps, the strategy was a systemic document of measures to be taken by the State, which set priorities for state institutions in the area of human rights.

The document expireed at the end of 2020, although it is unknown to the stakeholders what steps have been taken by the executive or legislative authorities to develop a new human rights strategy and action plan. After the expiration of the 2014-2020 Strategy, in the absence of a new strategy, state institutions have not had a framework identifying key human rights challenges or priorities.

Accordingly, the Democracy Research Institute calls on the Government of Georgia:

To ensure the development of a new national human rights strategy defining the broad vision, main challenges and priorities for the strengthening of human rights in Georgia based on the reports of authoritative international and non-governmental organizations.