Conservative Movement/Alt-Info donors donate money only in the middle of the month

The Conservative Movement/Alt-Info political party was registered on December 7, 2021. From the date of the registration to February 16, 2022, the party had no donors. However, according to the data of the State Audit Service, a total of 36 individuals donated money to the party on February16. The total amount of donations made on this day alone amounted to GEL 43,000.

Currently, the officially declared amount donated to the political group amounts to GEL 335,401.

According to the information obtained by the Democracy Research Institute, the Conservative Movement donors donate money with one and the same frequency, in the middle of the month.

As of today, the party has received a total of 333 donations from 92 individuals.

Out of the 92 donors, 23 people have donated money to the party only once. The remaining 69 donors have donated several times. For example, 17 people have donated money to the party 6 times; 19 persons - 5 times; 13  persons - 4 times; 8 - persons 3 times; 9 persons – 2 times.

Jimsher Bukhachauri, who is the head of the Akhmeta regional office of the Conservative Movement, has donated money to the party 8 times. The total amount of transfers made by him is GEL 3,400. The same amount of donation has been made by Gia Gulua; He has donated GEL 7,850 to the party. Gia Gulua is the head of the party's Zugdidi regional office. Gocha Khutsidze has donated to the party 7 times, a total of GEL 3,375.

As of today, the party’s biggest donor is Zurab Kobakhidze. He has donated GEL 23,273 to the party. He is followed by Merab Gigani, who is the head of the party's Rustavi office. He has donated a total of GEL 12,700 to the party. Kakhaber Elizbarashvili is the third largest donor - the amount donated by him is GEL 11,985. The fourth largest donor is Giorgi Sulakadze; His donation amounts to GEL 11,400. He has donated money to the party 6 times, GEL 1900 each time. Davit Dvalishvili is the fifth largest donor, the amount donated by him is GEL 11,200. Davit Dvalishvili has also donated money to the party 6 times; in 5 of the cases, the amounts were identical - GEL 1920.   

Among the biggest donors of the party, only two donors - Merab Gigani and Kakhaber Elizbarashvili - own real estate. Merab Gigani is Alexandre Kardava's business partner. Alexandre Kardava is the brother of Giorgi Kardava, one of the leaders of Alt-Info. They own 25 % of shares in Victoria+ LLC, while Kakhaber Elizbarashvili owns 50 % of shares of Dabo LLC.

Another donor is Zezva Chankseliani. He has donated GEL 8,625 to the party. The Democracy Research Institute has already reported about Zezva Chankseliani's ties with the Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia Faction of the Lentekhi Municipality Council.

Besik Leonidze, former Deputy Mayor of Zestaponi, is also one of the donors, who has donated GEL 1,850 to the Conservative Movement. Leonidze resigned in 2018.