Monitoring of the trials of the violent events of July 5, 2021
The Democracy Research Institute observed the court hearings of those accused of the July 5, 2021 violence. The court sessions were monitored from November 3, 2021 to July 4, 2022. Within the framework of the monitoring, the observer of the Democracy Research Institute attended 57 court sessions.

The evidence presented at the court sessions and the testimonies of the witnesses proved that the violence of July 5 was organized in advance. The existence of organizers of group violence was confirmed both by the witnesses questioned and the video evidence examined during the trial. In addition, both the publicly released footage and the video recordings obtained by the investigative bodies revealed that there were much more perpetrators than the number of convicts in the July 5 cases. Due to the inactivity of the law enforcement structures, many people involved in mass violence remained unpunished, since the state prosecution failed to ensure their identification, initiation of criminal prosecution, indictment and evidence gathering. In addition, the prosecution's failure to provide relevant evidence gave the court the opportunity to reclassify charges against the defendants from strict to lighter ones.

The Democracy Research Institute considers that the punishment defined for some of the defendants is disproportionate to the acts committed, which may encourage hate crimes in the future.

Monitoring of the trials of the violent events of July 5, 2021