Monitoring of the implementation of the 12-point plan of the European Commission

On June 23, 2022, the European Council approved the decision of the European Commission of June 17, ordering Georgia to implement a 12-point plan to obtain candidate status. Despite one of the main requirements of the European Council, to ensure the involvement of opposition parties and civil sector in the implementation of the priorities, Georgian Dream developed a plan for the implementation of the 12 points without the involvement of opposition parties. The ruling party did not consider the recommendations presented by the civil society organizations either and started the process of implementation only with its own plan.

DRI is evaluating, on the one hand, whether the 12-point plan presented by the ruling political power is being implemented, and on the other hand, whether the measures taken by the authorities respond to the recommendations of the European Union.

European Commission recommendation 2.1. "Independent functioning of state institutions, ensuring their effective oversight ".