Gali public school director bullies children
On May 14, 2023, the director of Gali public school No. 2, Akhra Kvekveskiri, instructed teachers and children to decorate Vladislav Ardzinba's grave with flowers to pay respect to his birthday. During the mentioned period, the director was on a business trip to Russia. After coming back, the director checked whether the teachers and schoolchildren had fulfilled the task, and after finding out that not a single teacher or student had arrived at Ardzinba's grave, the director gathered the teachers/children and verbally abused them.
On May 17, 2023, Akhra Kvekveskiri organized an exhibition of Ardzinba’s photos in Gali public school No. 2, wrote a special text and forced students to read it in order to celebrate May 14 at school belatedly. Kvekveskiri threatened not to give the students school diplomas in order to ensure that they would not refuse to participate in the mentioned event.
According to the information available to the Democracy Research Institute, the director of the second public school of Gali has been insulting the locals of Gali every day for 11 years, emphasizing their ethnic origin and place of residence.
The Democracy Research Institute notes that bullying, humiliating treatment and coercion of children by the supervisor in the workplace represent a crime. The actions of the director of the second public school of Gali, Akhra Kvekveskiri, are contrary to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and it is necessary for the Georgian authorities and the international community to discuss the ill-treatment of children in the Geneva format.