What was the mood of Sokhumi on September 27?
Every September 27, the Abkhazian community gets ready to celebrate the day of the liberation of Sokhumi, but this year, in light of Azerbaijan's successful military operation in Karabakh, emotions are dubious. Many fear that Abkhazia may share the fate of Karabakh and if the de facto authorities of Abkhazia are left alone in the face of the Georgian central government in the military conflict, the conflict may end in favour of Georgians.

Two arguments can be identified in the Abkhazian political discourse against the above fears. One is that unlike Karabakh, which was not even recognized by Armenia, Abkhazia is partially recognized internationally, and most importantly, by Russia, which is the guarantor of Abkhazia's independence. Second - they believe in Abkhazia that in the case of Karabakh, the mistrust of Putin's team towards Prime Minister Pashinyan played a negative role. Abkhazians believe that there is no such negative attitude towards the Abkhazian elite in Russia, which makes the situation of Karabakh and Abkhazia significantly different.

In order to convince the Abkhazian community of Russia's support and protection, at the beginning of September, exercises of the military units of the so-called eastern military district were held in Ochamchire-Gali, which were aimed at blocking and repelling the attack on military facilities by a conditional enemy. The central government of Georgia is implied in the conditional enemy. As the representative of Abkhazia's de-facto Ministry of Defence stated:

 „Now Abkhazia is preparing to repel attacks from Georgia. Moreover, everything is developing like a spiral: 1992-1993, 2008, what's next??? That's why such exercises are held continuously both in Abkhazia and South Ossetia [similar exercises were held last year as well, but on a larger scale]. Georgia is an aggressor and an occupying country, which committed the genocide of the Abkhazian people and has been carrying out international isolation for 30 years. We are ready for any scenario!"

In order to celebrate the Sokhumi liberation and independence day calmly and confidently, several other important symbolic events were also held:

  1. Medics participating in the Patriotic War of Abkhazia [the war of 1992-1993] were awarded medals of the Ministry of Health;
  2. The Public Chamber held a festive reception for female war veterans; All families whose members died in the war will receive twenty thousand rubles (approximately GEL 560) as a one-time pension supplement;
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia held a celebration of "Brotherly Republics” in Moscow, where Russian officials once again confirmed their commitment to the pledge made fifteen years ago to protect the unilaterally recognized independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia;
  4. The bodies of two recently identified warriors were ceremonially transferred to the Patriotic War Park of Glory in So The event was held with military honors and relevant patriotic symbols: "Today, years later, we remember the cost of our victory. We all remember what we had to go through, how much our people have to suffer. But in such a difficult time for the motherland, not a single warrior got scared. Both the old and the young fulfilled the tasks assigned to them," - said Davit Bzhania, the colonel of the de-facto Ministry of Defence of Abkhazia.
The Abkhazian community, which has internal conflicts on a number of issues, often dares to confront Russia, and by demonstrating this, it makes the rest of the Georgian society hopeful for reintegration, but it stands quite firmly on the consensus regarding dates such as September 27. At first glance, the impression remains that the discursive scheme that unites the victims of the Abkhazians in the 1992-1993 war, independence and Russia, maintains its unity as long as the issue of Tbilisi and the possibility of a possible military operation come into contact with it.