Who is afraid of democracy in Sokhumi and Tbilisi?

Georgian Dream adopted the Russian law, which restricts free and critical opinions in Georgia. The adoption of the bill blocks the path of the people of Georgia to the European Union.

On June 6, the Democracy Research Institute held a discussion on the topic: Who is afraid of democracy in Sokhumi and Tbilisi? The theme discussed at the event was the influence of the "Russian law" on Tbilisi and Sokhumi and the existing challenges.

Speakers of the discussion were: Ivane Abramishvili from the Caucasian House, who spoke about the possible influence of the Russian law and the transformation of conflicts; Mikheil Jakhua from the Peace Development Center, who spoke about the negative consequences of the Russian law in Abkhazia; Tamar Khidasheli from the Democracy Research Institute, who introduced the discussion participants to the interrelation between Georgia's EU candidacy status and the Russian law. The discussion was moderated by journalist Zviad Koridze.

The cycle of discussions will continue for a month.

The supporter of the discussions is the South Caucasus Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.