Democracy Research Institute Addresses Government with Recommendation to Assist Isolated Population of Akhalgori District
The closure of a checkpoint in the village of Mosabruni (so-called Razdakhani) in Akhalgori district by the de facto authorities in September left locals without vital services.
According to the Democracy Research Institute, the local population has limited access to essentials and food products. Some of them are unable to get a pension in the Georgian-controlled area, which is the sole source of income for some families. As a result, the villagers exchange their agricultural products for food. According to the information available to the Democracy Research Institute, people have almost run out of food supplies.
In addition, citizens with chronic diseases do not have access to necessary medicines. Some of them had been receiving medical services in the medical institutions located on the Georgian-controlled territory. Given the crisis, it would be reasonable to study these persons’ medical needs and assist them with medication.
In view of the above, the Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to take effective steps to assist the residents of Akhalgori district, which would alleviate their problems caused by the closure of the so-called administrative boundary line, including:
  1. By supplying the isolated population with food products, essentials and medicines with the support of international organizations;
  2. To provide this assistance, the authorities should take effective steps to plan a meeting within the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism in Ergneti;
  3. Given the fact that similar restrictions are not of one-off nature due to the arbitrary decisions of de facto authorities, it is important that the Government develop an effective mechanism to respond to such challenges and reduce the harm suffered by the population.