DRI - The Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation has Started Census in Akhalgori

Occupation forces in Akhalgori have stated the census of the remaining population in the region. According to the locals, a few days ago, people dressed in military uniforms, allegedly belonging to the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, began the census.

During the census process, the occupants try to reach out to the population and understand their position on the road closure. In addition, several families were called on to express their dissatisfaction with the central government of Georgia. The population is not informed about the purpose of this census. The fact is even more uncertain as occupants are including some of those people in the list who are not currently present in the region.

Part of the population link this process with "humanitarian aid" as Russian troops have delivered food by two Kamaz-type trucks in Akhalgori in recent days. But it’s still unclear for which part of the population are these products intended for – will everyone receive the aid or only those who have so-called Ossetian passports and are considered as citizens of only South Ossetia.

The Democracy Research Institute reiterates the need for the government to have an action plan in times of crisis like this, to ensure the timely delivery of food and medicines to the population.

The Democracy Research Institute has repeatedly called on the authorities to act in timely and proactive manner towards the region in “humanitarian crisis” and to continue its work on the international level in order to timely end Akhalgori isolation that has a severe impact on the local population.

The Democracy Research Institute repeats that people living in the occupied regions face different challenges from those living in the territories controlled by Georgia and, therefore, special support mechanisms should be developed for them.