CSOs’ letter to Carl Hartzell
On behalf of the civil society of Georgia, we would like to thank you for many years of successful work in Georgia and for the support that our homeland and civil society have always felt from the European Union – and you personally.
The signatory organizations confirm their readiness to participate in the timely and full implementation of the European Commission's recommendations
The tenth priority, mentioned in the European Commission’s recommendations, requires the effective participation of civil society in the decision-making process at all levels.
პეტიცია - „შინ ევროპაში“ კამპანიის ფარგლებში აქტივისტებს მარნეულის მუნიციპალიტეტის მერიის და საკრებულოს თანამშრომლები თავს დაესხნენ
 2 ივლისს სამოქალაქო აქტივისტები ქალაქ მარნეულში ეწეოდნენ „შინევროპისკენ“ საინფორმაციო კამპანიას, რა დროსაც აქტივისტებს თავს დაესხნენ მერიის და საკრებულოს თანამშრომლები. 
The vision of civil society and recommendations for opportunities to conceptualize the past and restore trust
Unresolved conflicts since declaring independence remains one of the most important challenges for Georgia. 
Identifying and punishing the organizers of large-scale violence of July 5 and 6, 2021 is the responsibility of the Government
July 5 and 6, 2021, when as a result of the mass attack by homophobic and violent groups, 53 representatives of the media were injured while performing their professional duties, were the most difficult days in Georgian journalism.
12 Steps Towards EU Candidacy
The Civil Society Organizations have elaborated an Action Plan which could be easily implemented by the end of 2022, provided political will is present.
The Parliament of Georgia must immediately resume its session to fulfill the EU conditions
We, the signatory organizations, deem it important that the Parliament of Georgia must resume its session to fulfill the twelve conditions and take specific steps.
The Appointment of Mikheil Chinchaladze for the Second Term Damages the Process of European Integration
The Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary considers the appointment of Mikheil Chinchaladze for a second term as the chairman of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals unjustified and harmful.
Civil Sector Responds to Re-Appointment of Chinchaladze as Chairman of the Court of Appeals

The signatories respond to the High Council of Justice’s attempt to re-appoint Mikheil Chinchaladze as chairman of the Tbilisi Court of Appeals and call on judges not to support decisions that strengthen governance of the clan in the judiciary.

Statement of Civil Society Organizations on the possible involvement of State Security Service in the events of July 5-6
The signatory organizations respond to the news story aired by TV Pirveli on June 12. The story describes the alleged involvement of the State Security Service (SSS) employees in the planning and execution of the violent events of July 5.