The Coalition Reacts to the Commencement of Parliamentary Hearings of Supreme Court Judicial Candidates
The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary considers the commencement of parliamentary hearings of Supreme Court candidates unjustified. 
The Coalition Reacts to the Protest of Several Judges

The public response of some judges to the statement made by the Administrative Committee of the Conference of Judges and their dissociation from it could be an important step in restoring public trust in the judiciary.




Group of Independent Lawyers Responds to Conference of Judges

The influential group of judges went even further and raised the issue of electing new members in the absence of vacancies for members of the Council of Justice. 

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary Reacts to the Planned Judicial Conference

The Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary believes that in the current situation, the election of a judge member/s of the High Council of Justice by the Judicial Conference is unjustified.

NGOs: We call on the authorities to prevent closure of schools and preschools

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented negative impact on the global education system, affecting more than 1.5. billion students worldwide.


Civil Society Organizations: The government uses the SSS as a total control mechanism
The material on the activities of the State Security Service, aired on the channel Mtavari, once again indicates the gravest practice of mass control and human rights violations in the country.
Georgian civil society organizations and media address to H.E. Charles Michel, President of the European Council
We urge you to continue your close engagement with Georgia’s leadership and speak publicly against democratic setbacks.
The Selection of Candidates for the Supreme Court Judges is Arbitrary and Unfair
On June 17, 2021, the High Council of Justice held a ballot for the Supreme Court candidates to be nominated to the Parliament. As a result, nine candidates were selected.



The Coalition Calls on the Parliament to Start Working on Justice Reform

The Coalition calls on the Parliament of Georgia to start working on justice system reform promptly and to ensure that the High Council of Justice is made up of qualified and trustworthy members.

Statement of non-governmental organizations on the EU mediation process
Civil society representatives welcome the involvement of the European Union and the United States in the de-escalation of the political crisis in the country.