მთავრობის კურსი ევროკავშირში გაწევრების პროცესის შეჩერებას იწვევს
27 ივნისს გამართულმა ევროპულმა საბჭომ საქართველოში ბოლო პერიოდში განვითარებულ მოვლენებსა და დემოკრატიულ რეგრესზე სერიოზული წუხილი გამოხატა. 
ვაგრძელებთ სამართლებრივ ბრძოლას რუსული კანონის წინააღმდეგ

ჩვენ ვაცხადებთ, რომ რუსული კანონის წესებით არ ვიცხოვრებთ და გამოვიყენებთ ყველა შიდა და საერთაშორისო მექანიზმს მისი მოქმედების შესაფერხებლად კანონის უპირობო გაუქმებამდე. 

Statement: We Will Not Obey the “Russian Law”

55 days ago, the government broke its word to the Georgian people and re-initiated the “Russian law”.

The government continues to use violence against the participants of the peaceful protest in order to defend "Russian Law"
12 Georgian non-governmental organizations continue to defend the rights of those arrested and injured during the protests against the "Russian law" in April-May. 
Russian Law must be withdrawn unconditionally
On May 14th, the majority members of the Parliament of Georgia acted against the national interests of the Georgian people and the constitution by passing the Russian Law in the third reading. 
The Russian Law must be withdrawn unconditionally
We once again declare that the draft law adopted by the authorities in the second reading is a Russian Law in its goals and content, it is directed against the Western course supported by the Georgian people, and it must be withdrawn unconditionally. 
The Government's Violence Cannot Stop the Georgian People's Aspiration towards the European Future
On the night of May 8, the government’s nerves failed, and they prematurely revealed their intentions for Georgia’s future. 
At 19:00, at the parliament - yes to Europe, not to Russian law!
The government has openly stated that by adopting the Russian law, they plan to start repression against the people. They declared their will for election rigging, censorship, and a Soviet-style totalitarian regime.
The non-governmental and media organizations suspend cooperation formats with the government until the Russian Law is dropped

We will never live by Putin’s rules. The Russian Law will never be the will of the Georgian people. Yes to Europe! No to the Russian law!

The government's anti-EU statements contradict the will of the Georgian people and the Constitution of Georgia

The attempt to adopt the Russian law and the rhetoric of the party's high-ranking officials against joining the European Union are a betrayal of the Constitution and the Georgian people.