Far-Right Groups’ Messages Against Women’s Rights and LGBT+ Community

Democracy Research Institute continues to monitor the far-right groups’ and their leaders’ discourse on social and online media.

Far-right groups against women’s rights

At the beginning of May, Guguli Maghradze, a member of parliamentary majority, became a target of far-right groups. Her statement about possible legislative change, according to which sexual intercourse without consent will become punishable even in case of a registered marriage, activated anti-feminist and misogynistic messaging on far-right Facebook pages „Anti-Paradox“ and „Geo Pepe”. Another far-right group that responded to the initiative was Alt-Info. According to their video address this legislative initiative is a "catastrophic social and political weapon in the hands of feminists”. In the video, the host blames “Western Partners” and Europe for forcing another “liberal directive”. The address contains discriminatory, cynical epithets used towards feminists, amongst them humans rights activist Baia Pataraia. On May 9, Konstantine Morgoshia, far-right leader and Alt-Info founder, addressed Guguli Maghradze’s legislative initiative on his Facebook page and called it “Georgian Dream sabotaging the nation“.

Far-right groups’ transphobic messages against LGBT+ community

An attempted suicide by a transgender woman in front of the City Hall of Tbilisi on April 30 activated transphobic messaging in the far-right discourse. On May 4, media outlets such as „primetime“ and “Akhali Taoba” (“New Generation”) spread information according to which a far-right leader, Levan Vasadze, together with Alt-Info group, was ready to help the transgender woman who tried to commit suicide by self-immolation financially. The source for these articles was Facebook status by Alt-Info founder, Konstantine Morgoshia. Levan Vasadze addressed the allegations in Alt-Info live broadcast and called the spread of information about him possibly financing representatives of transgender community “defamation by the liberal media and a dirty campaign of misinformation against him” (indirect quote). In the video, the host referred to the transgender woman as a person suffering from mental illness. In a new Facebook status, where he “explained” his initial status, Konstantine Morgoshia referred to the transgender people as “ill people” as well.   

Levan Vasadze’s video address was reblogged by far-right Facebook pages such as „Kardhu“ and „Global Family Congress“. 

On May 3, Levan Chachua, the leader of far-right socio-political movement “Georgian Idea“, released a transphobic statement based on religious motives - „the readiness to provide financial assistance to LGBT community is nothing more but extreme hypocrisy and false progress. May the Lord make all the sinners and false Samaritans think of the judgment day”.

“Georgian Idea” youth party leader Gega Giorgi Khvedelidze also posted a homophobic statement on Facebook on May 9, where he mentioned to the memebrs of LGBT+ community in discriminatory terms. „There can be no connections, no relationships with homosexuals. This is the main provision a Christian should adhere to” – this is how he addressed the campaign to support a transgender woman on social media.