DRI's new project: "Supporting Security Sector Reform in Georgia"
The Democracy Research Institute has been examining the performance of the State Security Service for a year and has published four desk studies.

DRI researchers analyzed the legislation governing the activities of the State Security Service, reviewed international best practices and dew up relevant recommendations:
  • It is important to eliminate duplication of competencies between the State Security Service and other investigative bodies and to avoid the existence of parallel investigative systems, which will save human and financial resources;
  • Parliamentary oversight/control mechanisms over the State Security Service should be strengthened;
  • The legal framework regulating the activities of the Operative-Technical Agency operating within governance of the State Security Service and the existing oversight/control mechanisms should be improved;
  • The State Security Service should ensure the involvement of academia, stakeholders and non-governmental organizations in the fight against terrorism and radicalization.
Based on the above findings, in February 2021, DRI launched a new project "Supporting Security Sector Reform in Georgia." The project aims to advocate for institutional reforms in the State Security Service and reduce the risks of abuse of power, as well as to develop recommendations for the State Security Service and other public structures, based on international standards, in order to reduce increased radicalization in the Kvemo Kartli and Pankisi regions.

To achieve the project objectives, DRI plans to cooperate with public organizations, the State Security Service, the Parliament, the media and other stakeholders.