Democracy Research Institute calls on State Inspector's Office to study events developed in the village of Sakulia

On June 1, 2021, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a statement, according to which, on June 1, during the arrest of I.M., born in 1992, on the basis of an arrest warrant, in the village of Sakulia, police officers were resisted by locals. According to the statement, law enforcement officials were attacked, due to which, police fired "warning shots" and used special equipment to defuse the confrontation.[1]

At the same time, according to media footage, locals accused the police of abuse of power and disproportionate use of force, which damaged the health of two people.[2]

As cases of abuse of power through violence or the use of weapons by the law enforcement officials fall within the investigative jurisdiction of the State Inspector’s Office, the Democracy Research Institute calls on the State Inspector’s Office to respond appropriately to the case if signs of crime are detected.

The Democracy Research Institute is closely monitoring developments in the Rioni Gorge and will properly assess the unjustified restrictions on the rights and freedoms enshrined in law.

[1] Statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia on June 1, 2021, available at: