Problems of population living along the occupation line
Economic poverty is the main concern of the residents of the villages located near so-called the occupation line. The monthly income of the families does not exceed GEL 400 at best, but it may be as low as GEL 45-100. All this, in many cases, is exacerbated by the negligence of the central and local authorities.

Representatives of the Democracy Research Institute visited the villages of Sakorintlo and Kvemo Chala in the Kaspi municipality, the village of Jariasheni in the Gori municipality, and the Sakasheti IDP settlement in the Kareli municipality, which are located near the occupation line.

The main problems faced by the residents of the villages of Sakorintlo and Kvemo Chala in the Kaspi municipality are the lack of an irrigation system, financial hardship, and security concerns. Unlike Kvemo Chala, the lack of a school and a kindergarten is a problem in the village of Sakorintlo. The villages do not have an outpatient clinic, pharmacy, grocery store, or transport waiting area.

Most of the land plots in the village of Jariasheni in the Gori municipality is part of the occupied territory. The issue of insufficient land is exacerbated by a dispute over the pasture with a neighboring village. The pasture is said to have belonged to Jariasheni, although, due to the interest of certain individuals, locals are no longer able to use the pasture.

The feeling of insecurity is another problem. Jariasheni is separated from the occupied Tskhinvali region by a trench dug by a tractor, so residents say a police checkpoint is needed there. The outdoor lighting has just been installed, though incompletely. There are no light poles or a road near a house located at the end of the village, which borders the trench made by the occupiers. Roads and garbage bins are mostly damaged in the village. Visitors arriving in the village may feel that the territory controlled by the central government of Georgia has been voluntarily abandoned.

The most difficult situation during the visit was found in Sakasheti - an IDP settlement in the Kareli municipality. Among many problems, IDPs are most concerned about the fact that the agricultural land allotted to them and used by them, despite the promise, has not yet been transferred to their ownership.

The list of Sakasheti problems is extensive. The settlement is not served by municipal transport, which makes it difficult to access medical services, medicines, education, and educational institutions. The drainage system is faulty, which is why one-story houses are constantly damp. Internal roads are also damaged. The most acute problem is unemployment. The main source of income is agriculture. Lack
of land is, therefore, a significant challenge. One of the main demands of the residents of the settlement is to solve the problem of agricultural land plots and pastures.

Problems faced by population living along the occupation line (Villages of Sakorintlo, Kvemo Chala, Jariasheni, Sakasheti IDP settlement)