Activities of the Conservative Movement/Alt-Info party
On October 5, the Democracy Research Institute held a presentation of the results of a one-year monitoring of the activities of far-right groups. 
DRI’s report on far-right openly pro-Russian groups and media outlets

The report published by DRI is the result of continuous social media monitoring in the scope of which the main messages and trends of far-right leaders and media outlets were analyzed, along with the directions of their disinformative discourse in the period of May-June 2022.

DRI Publishes the Observational Report on Far-Right Openly Pro-Russian Political Actors and Media Outlets

Well-known pro-Russian and ultra-right-wing media platforms and political actors are trying to spread the idea that the Russia-Ukraine war was provoked by the Ukrainian authorities, and instigated by the Western powers.

DRI publishes monitoring results of rallies of far-right groups
The Democracy Research Institute has been monitoring the activities of far-right radical groups at assemblies and demonstrations since 2020. 
Sources of funding and alleged Russian ties of the Conservative Movement
After the Alt-Info established the Conservative Movement, an openly pro-Russian political union, suspicions emerged that the organization was allegedly receiving funding from the Russian sources.
DRI: Organizers of the July 5 violent crackdown remain unpunished
On April 4, 2022, Tbilisi City Court announced verdicts in 3 of the 5 cases relating to the July 5 events. The court found all the accused guilty. 
The sources of funding for Alt-Info's political party are unknown
DRI has been monitoring the activities of far-right radical groups in Georgia since 2019. Due to the sharply pro-Russian foreign vector, the newly formed political union Conservative Movement is in the center of public attention.
Far-right groups’ pro-Russian media discourse in the Russia-Ukraine war context
Right alongside Russia’s military intervention and the attack on civilians in Ukraine that started on February 24. 2022, the Kremlin media outlets started actively waging information war that continues to this day. 
DRI publishes its first monitoring report on the trials of July 5-6 cases
The interim report issued by the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) reviews the political and legal context of the raids organized by violent groups on July 5-6, 2021.
Anti-Vaccination and Anti-West Rhetoric of Far-Right Groups
Democracy Research Institute (DRI) continues monitoring of the far-right group ideological propaganda and political discourse.