DRI publishes monitoring results of rallies of far-right groups
The Democracy Research Institute has been monitoring the activities of far-right radical groups at assemblies and demonstrations since 2020. This report presents findings of the monitoring of assemblies-demonstrations organized by far-right groups from September 2021 to December 2021. In total, the report analyzes the trends identified during the observation of 12 assemblies and key findings.

  • There was a tendency of transforming anti-liberal and anti-Western far-right forces into political parties in 2021. On October 30, 2021, Zviad Tomaradze announced the creation of a new political party - Nation and State; On December 7, 2021, the Conservative Movement was registered as a political party on the basis of the Alt-Info team, thus increasing the political visibility and legitimacy of anti-liberal, pro-Russian and anti-Western forces.
  • Assemblies-demonstrations of far-right extremist groups are characterized by systematicity and discipline. They are consistent and well-organized. They have the ability to mobilize hundreds of people at weekly assemblies; they also have financial resources for making banners, posters, information booklets, etc.
  • Organizers of anti-liberal and anti-Western far-right groups are not rigid opponents of the current authorities. They criticize the authorities mainly regarding the performance of the Interagency Council that is responsible for vaccination.
  • Coordinated action, familial communication and positive interaction were noticeable between law enforcement officials and organizers during the protests of far-right groups.
  • Anti-vaccination rallies and demonstrations organized by far-right groups in Georgia, on the one hand, strengthen anti-Western sentiments in the society, and on the other hand, increase distrust in healthcare agencies and medicine.
  • The aggressive rhetoric of far-right leaders at the protests has repeatedly targeted "liberal" media outlets that are critical of the authorities, Western institutions, the US Embassy and the EU Delegation to Georgia.
  • Clergymen also take part in the protests organized by far-right groups, mainly as ordinary demonstrators. However, in several cases, they delivered speeches as well.
  • The Covid 19-related restrictions were mainly disregarded during the protests organized by far-right groups. In the reporting period, wearing a mask in outdoor space was mandatory and the ban on gathering of more than 10 individuals in the outdoor space was also a blanket restriction. However, demonstrators generally did not follow the mandatory regulations regarding the use of a mask.

Gatherings and rallies of extremist groups report 
(September – December 2021)