The sources of funding for Alt-Info's political party are unknown
DRI has been monitoring the activities of far-right radical groups in Georgia since 2019. Due to the sharply pro-Russian foreign vector, the newly formed political union Conservative Movement is in the center of public attention.
The needs of population living near the occupation line and in the IDP settlement (Artsevi, Kveshi, Rene, Plavismani, Karkushani, Burghuli and Skra)
In December 2021, representatives of the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) visited the villages of the Shida Kartli region, located near the occupation line.
The needs of the population living near the occupation line (Avlevi, Atotsi, Abano, Tamarasheni, Ghogheti)

In February 2022, representatives of the Democracy Research Institute visited the villages located along the occupation line in the Shida Kartli region.

Far-right groups’ pro-Russian media discourse in the Russia-Ukraine war context
Right alongside Russia’s military intervention and the attack on civilians in Ukraine that started on February 24. 2022, the Kremlin media outlets started actively waging information war that continues to this day. 
DRI presents one-year report on its work on occupied territories

On March 11, the Democracy Research Institute presented a Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Abkhazia and the Tskhinvali Region/South Ossetia.

Monitoring Report on the Participation of Clergy in the Election Process

On February 24, the Democracy Research Institute presented a report "Monitoring of the Participation of Religious Organizations and Clergy in the Pre-Election Process."

DRI publishes its first monitoring report on the trials of July 5-6 cases
The interim report issued by the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) reviews the political and legal context of the raids organized by violent groups on July 5-6, 2021.
Anti-Vaccination and Anti-West Rhetoric of Far-Right Groups
Democracy Research Institute (DRI) continues monitoring of the far-right group ideological propaganda and political discourse. 
Overview of Far-Right Media Outlets by DRI

Democracy Research Institute (DRI) has published an overview of the owners and most frequent respondents of online and mainstream media platforms characterized by far-right rhetoric and hate speech.

Movement documents in Gali district
The severe social and economic problems of the population of the occupied regions are further complicated by the obstacles artificially created by the de facto authorities, which exacerbate their daily lives.