DRI addresses the authorities relating to problems of the villages located along the occupation line

The Democracy Research Institute applied to the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Parliament with an initiative to alleviate the acute socio-economic problems in the villages located along the occupation line.

DRI: The Prosecutor's Office of Georgia should launch an investigation into the killing of Vitali Karbaia

43-year-old Vitali Karbaia, a resident of the village of Tsarche, Gali district, died of injuries sustained as a result of a severe beating by the Gali de facto militia.

DRI: Russia is de facto using Abkhazia's energy crisis to annex strategic facilities
An energy crisis has started in Abkhazia. As winter is approaching, the Russian Federation has demanded payment for the electricity supplied to the de facto authorities of Abkhazia. 
DRI: 1135 days of Irakli Bebua’s illegal imprisonment

The Democracy Research Institute considers that the efforts of the Georgian authorities to release Irakli Bebua, who is illegally imprisoned in Abkhazia, are ineffective and insufficient.

The authorities’ ineffective response to another victim of the Russian occupation is striking
The Russian occupation has another victim - representatives of the Russian occupation forces shot dead Tamaz Ginturi, a resident of the village of Kirbali. 
New "feudals" of occupied South Ossetia
Georgian legislation does not apply to the territories occupied by Russia. However, the problem for the population of these regions is that even the laws adopted by the occupation regime act selectively.
DRI: The authorities’ response to the opening of the Russian naval base 4 kilometers from Anaklia is insufficient

DRI considers that the response of the Georgian authorities to the opening of the Russian military naval base four kilometers from the territory controlled by the central authorities of Georgia is insufficient at this stage and therefore ineffective.

How will the placement of the Russian fleet in Ochamchire impact the transformation of the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict? Vision from the Gali district
The information voiced at the meeting held between de facto Abkhazian president Aslan Bzhania and Vladimir Putin in Sochi on October 4, 2023, about the possible placement of a Russian fleet in occupied Ochamchire drew the attention of Georgian and Abkhaz societies.
Objection to the "new" trade corridor of Georgia-Russia in Tskhinvali?!
The economic and transport policy of the Georgian authorities is aimed at increasing cargo turnover with the Russian Federation. 
What was the mood of Sokhumi on September 27?
Every September 27, the Abkhazian community gets ready to celebrate the day of the liberation of Sokhumi, but this year, in light of Azerbaijan's successful military operation in Karabakh, emotions are dubious.