How was the illegitimate voting process conducted in South Ossetia/Tskhinvali region?

On June 9, 2024, de facto parliamentary elections were held in the occupied South Ossetia/Tskhinvali region. 

What will South Ossetia's de facto parliament look like in the next five years?

So-called parliamentary elections were held in the occupied Tskhinvali region on June 9, 2024. Seven political unions took part in the illegitimate elections.

Who is afraid of democracy in Sokhumi and Tbilisi?

On June 6, the Democracy Research Institute held a discussion on the topic: Who is afraid of democracy in Sokhumi and Tbilisi? 

What is happening in Abkhazia against the backdrop of the current political crisis in Tbilisi?

Abkhazians fear that if Georgia refuses the western course of its development, Abkhazia might be divided by the authorities of Georgia and the occupying Russia.

Sokhumi is delaying the consideration of the foreign agents law. At the same time, pressure on NGO operating in occupied Gali

Discussions and concerns about the draft law on agents of foreign influence have not subsided in Abkhazia. 

Muhajirism without Georgian Government’s political assessment
On May 21, our Abkhaz compatriots commemorate the tragic date of the beginning of the Muhajirism of Muslim Abkhazians.
32 years have passed since the tragedy of Zari
May 20, the Ossetian people recall the most horrific date of the 1991-1992 Georgian-Ossetian conflict.
According to the de facto public defender of occupied Abkhazia, there is an alarming situation in prisons of Abkhazia
According to the report of Anas Kishmaria, commissioner for human rights of occupied Abkhazia, which she presented to the de facto parliament of Abkhazia on March 14, the rights situation of prisoners in Abkhazia is alarming. 
Russia plans to completely isolate Abkhazia for its annexation

Russia is methodically approaching the annexation of Abkhazia. Each step of the Russian policy serves the above-mentioned strategic goal - establishment of complete Russian control in Abkhazia.

DRI: The fuel crisis in occupied Abkhazia continues: What versions does the society have?
The crisis related to oil products in occupied Abkhazia and the Russian monopoly on the fuel market are still relevant.