DRI submits opinions relating to the package of legislative changes to the State Inspector's Office
The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) has submitted opinions relating to the package of legislative changes to the State Inspector’s Office. 
The Coalition calls on the Parliament to properly and timely implement the decision of the Constitutional Court
Access to judicial acts is critical for ensuring judicial accountability. 
DRI: The National Agency of Public Registry should not register Conservative Movement political party
On November 20, 2021, the Alt-Info team founded a political party - Conservative Movement. The leaders of the Conservative Movement are the organizers of the violent events of July 5, who have not been prosecuted yet. 
Will the de facto authorities of Abkhazia start large-scale privatization?
According to the Democracy Research Institute, large-scale privatization is already openly being discussed in Abkhazia. The latter involves the alienation of both economic infrastructure facilities and real estate to Russian businesses and Russian citizens.
DRI: The decision of the Ministry of Justice to restrict Mikheil Saakashvili from participating in his trial is illegal

DRI is responding to the restriction of Mikheil Saakashvili's right to participate in court hearings in person and considers that the decision of the Special Penitentiary Service subordinated to the Ministry of Justice is illegal.

DRI: The authorities have a responsibility to tolerate the inconvenience caused by assemblies

The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) is responding to the statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the use of sanctions under the Criminal Code of Georgia in connection with the rally scheduled by the United National Movement for November 15.

Training for activists from conflict-affected regions

On November 3-7, the Democracy Research Institute conducted security and advocacy planning/implementation training for civil activists and youth from the conflict-affected regions.

DRI responds to illegal mass arrests of protesters

DRI condemns the illegal detentions of protesters outside the buildings of the Ministry of Health and the State Security Service of Georgia and calls on the law enforcement agencies to act within the framework of the Constitution and legislation of Georgia.

In the captivity of elections: Gali population between Tbilisi and Sokhumi
Tensions were high on both sides of the Enguri Bridge during the pre-election period. This tension became especially alarming during the second round of elections. 
DRI: The events developed around 3rd President of Georgia indicate irreversible degradation of democratic institutions

The Democracy Research Institute considers that the forcible transfer of the 3rd President of Georgia to Penitentiary Establishment No. 18 on November 8 once again proved the extreme politicization of state institutions and their irreversible degradation.