Evaluation of draft Counter-Terrorism Strategy
DRI reviewed the draft Counter-Terrorism Strategy of the State Security Service for 2022-2026 and sent its assessments, opinions and recommendations to the State Security Service and the Government of Georgia before the approval of the document. 
DRI: The isolation policy of de facto Tskhinvali claims lives of two more people
According to the Democracy Research Institute (DRI), residents of Akhalgori do not have access to quality medical care, which has aggravated the health condition of many patients. 
Public Broadcaster assesses problems of students living near occupied line as false information
The Public Broadcaster, which is funded by the state budget to cover issues that are problematic for the public, did not even get interested in the problems raised by students.
After New Year, freedom of movement may be restricted for part of Gali population

According to the reports spread on November 27, 2021, Form No. 9, which is related to the freedom of movement of some residents of the Gali district, will be abolished from January 1, 2022.



Unprecedentedly high rate of illegal detentions in Tskhinvali
As of today, 7 people abducted from the Tbilisi-controlled area ​​ are in the Tskhinvali detention facility. 
DRI: Investigation into Lekso Lashkarava's death is unreasonably delayed
The Democracy Research Institute (DRI) is responding to the ineffectiveness and non-transparency of the unreasonably protracted investigation into the death of Alexandre (Lekso) Lashkarava.
29 years passed since the Lata tragedy
The tragedy that took place near the village of Lata in the Gulripshi district of Abkhazia on December 14, 1992 became one of the most tragic events of the fratricidal war. 
DRI responds to persecution of opposition candidates by Government on political grounds in Dmanisi
On December 9, representatives of DRI met with a number of people in Dmanisi to verify the reports about the alleged pressure on Ramiz Ramazanov, a majoritarian MP who entered the Dmanisi City Council with the support of the United National Movement
Mortality of women and prohibited abortion in Abkhazia
The de facto parliament of Abkhazia banned abortion by a regulation passed five years ago, which led to an increase in the number of illegal abortions and impacted women’s mortality rate.
DRI holds meeting on investigative activities of the State Security Service

On December 7, the Democracy Research Institute (DRI) held a working meeting on "Investigative Functions of the State Security Service and Distribution of Criminal Cases among Investigative Bodies."