Democracy Research Institute: The investigation launched by the State Security Service shows signs of political bias
The Democracy Research Institute is observing the investigation launched by the State Security Service into the TV story of Mtavari Arkhi.
DRI: “Passportization” Process of Akhalgori Population has Recommenced
According to the information the Democracy Research Institute was provided with, the passportization process in occupied Akhalgori has recommenced.
Democracy research Institute observed the anti-occupation rally
On June 20, 2020, Democracy Research Institute observed an anti-occupation  rally ,,1 year after June 20”  organized by civil movements.
DRI: Russia's Growing Influence in Tskhinvali
De-facto “independence” of so-called South Ossetia is becoming even more formal. The so-called parliament of South Ossetia intends to amend the laws “On Weapons" and "On Licensing Certain Types of Activities”.
DRI: Amendments to the Law of Georgia on Public Health allow for disproportionate restriction of human rights
The Democracy Research Institute joins the concerns expressed by partner NGOs over the fact that the draft law contains unbalanced risks of human rights violations.
DRI: Recommendations for Fighting Pandemic are Systematically Violated in Occupied Akhalgori

According to the information the Democracy Research Institute was provided with, no one is fully following the World Health Organization recommendations in occupied Akhalgori, which increases the risk of uncontrolled spread of the infection in the region.

DRI – The events developed in the Adjara TV represent an overt attempt to control the media
DRI  is responding to the events developed in the Public Broadcaster’s Adjara TV and notes that the unjustified and repeated dismissals of employees with critical opinions pose a threat to the freedom of thought and expression.
Far-Right Groups’ Messages Against Women’s Rights and LGBT+ Community

Democracy Research Institute continues to monitor the far-right groups’ and their leaders’ discourse on social and online media.

DRI: During the Pandemic, the Population of Gali is not even able to Receive Medical Care

During the pandemic, residents of the isolated Gali district are deprived of quality medical care and access to vital services.

DRI: Severe patients in Akhalgori are denied planned hospitalization
The right to health of the Akhalgori population is again restricted by the de facto government.