Democracy Research Institute Observed December 2 rally organized at ,,Amirani’’ Cinema

On December 2, DRI monitors observed a rally organized by the ultra-rightist extremist groups to disrupt Tamar Shavgulidze's movie "Comets" at Amirani Cinema.

Democracy Research Institute Responds to the Blockage of Parliament Area by the Ministry of Internal Affairs
According to the Democracy Research Institute, blocking the territory surrounding the Parliament building with metallic structures on 28 November 2019 was disproportionate and unjustified interference with human rights.
DRI - Authorities Again Use Disproportionate Force During Dispersal of Peaceful Rally
The Democracy Research Institute is responding to the dispersal of a peaceful rally outside the Parliament of Georgia on the morning of November 26 and believes that the force used during the dispersal was not proportionate.
Statement of the Democracy Research Institute on the arrests of protesters
The Democracy Research Institute responds to the trials of administrative detainees during the demonstration near the Parliament of Georgia on November 18, 2019, and considers that detainees  right to a fair trial was violated.
The Democracy Research Institute Requests Declassification of the National Strategy of Georgia on Fight Against Terrorism Action Plan
Democracy Research Institute (DRI) requests declassification of the national strategy of Georgia on fight against terrorism action plan.
The Democracy Research Institute Considers That the Use of Disproportionate Measures by the Government was Illegal

The Democracy Research Institute reflects on the mobilization of the disproportionately large amount of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ riot police in the area surrounding the Parliament Building and states that despite formal legal basis.

The Condition of the Citizen Injured in Akhalgori is Critical
According to the unofficial information DRI was provided with, the condition of T.G. who fell into the several-meter deep well on November 3 in Akhalgori is critical.
The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities to do their utmost, including using the assistance of international partners to transport the injured T.G. to Georgian-controlled territory.
Monitoring Results of RalliesHeld outside Amirani Cinema

Representatives of the Democracy Research Institute had been watching the rallies organized by ultra-right-wing extremist groups to disrupt the premiere ofAnd Then We Dancedin front of the Amirani cinema for three days.

Democracy Research Institute Calls on Authorities not to Allow Violent Disruption of Movie Screening

The Democracy Research Institute calls on the authorities not to allow the violent disruption of the screening.

Another person’s life is in danger in Akhalgori

According to DRI’s information, at the moment, N.G., resident of village Ikoti has been transferred to Akhalgori hospital, most likely with the acute coronary syndrome. Relatives are demanding the transfer of the patient to the Georgian-controlled territory.