DRI calls on Georgian authorities to respond adequately to security challenges
The Democracy Research Institute responds to the act of aggression committed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, the violation of the universal principle of prohibition of the use of force under Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter and the launch of mass hostilities across Ukraine. In the current situation, it is necessary for Georgia to use all the available opportunities to protect the security and sovereignty of the country.

The Democracy Research Institute notes that in addition to presence of Russian military bases on the Georgian territory, the organized groups of radical ideology, most likely funded by Russia, which actively recruit supporters through social media and public gatherings, pose a critical threat to the state security of Georgia. Observation by the Democracy Research Institute shows that the activities of these radical groups are largely facilitated by the inaction of law enforcement agencies. In parallel with the armed conflict, the risks of destabilization and commission of acts against the constitutional order and security of Georgia by these groups are becoming real.

At the same time, the lack of accountability of state-political officials for the real challenges facing the country's security is a matter of extreme concern. The complete inertia of the Government of Georgia and creation of a purposeful information vacuum are noticeable, which can be seen in the provision of inadequate and insufficient information to the population; whereas a state of emergency is declared in NATO member states - Latvia, Lietuva and Poland; at the same time, armed mobilization is observed in the occupied territories of Georgia.[1]

In view of the above, the Democracy Research Institute calls on the Parliament of Georgia, the Government of Georgia and state-political officials to:

  • express principled position, in accordance with state interests, in order to protect population, security and territorial integrity of the country
  • provide comprehensive information to the public about the security challenges facing the country and the steps taken by the State to prevent the threat
  • take decisive action against organizations supporting radical ideology and/or persons associated with such organizations. The State should investigate the violent crimes committed by these groups in a timely manner in order to bring the relevant persons to justice
  • take steps to ensure transparency of funding sources of radical ideology organizations, their organizers and/or persons associated with such organizations
  • stop providing any kind of state funding or other support to the mentioned radical groups and political parties.